For your sake – and for the sake of the environment

At Funnivation, we take the environment into consideration in a range of areas and consider it an integrated part of everything we do. Therefore, we always have a solution that benefits both you and the environment. We have replaced all electronic equipment with efficient, energy-saving machines and fully optimised our product flow. And we have invested in new, eco-friendly cars and drawn up a plan for our handling of raw materials, paper and waste. We take responsibility for the environment – and so do you, if you choose an eco-friendly solution.

Help us make a difference

The environment and sustainability is important to a lot of our customers. That’s why they choose to have their packaging and products made of FSC-certified paper and their products printed with water colours. When you do business with us, you’ll help us make a difference for the environment. All FSC® product groups are available in: FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC Recycled: Paper bags, gift boxes, gift papers, silk paper, corrugated cardboard and rolls. Hangers are only available in FSC 100%.


FSC™ – the strongest trademark in forestry
FSC is your guarantee the world’s forests do not suffer.

When you choose an FSC-certified packaging solution, Funnivation can add the FSC label to your products. It is the strongest trademark within sustainable forestry, among other things because it is used worldwide. FSC is your guarantee of sustainable forestry. In FSC-certified forests vulnerable areas are protected, and new trees are planted when existing trees are cut down. This acts as a counterbalance towards deforestation. At the same time, FSC works to ensure fair conditions throughout the supply chain – from the moment the saw blade cuts the tree to the day the paper reaches the shop.

The local communities receive a fair share of the prots, and the foresters get decent wages, have access to safety equipment and work under a contract. Well-reputed organizations such as the WWF supports the FSC policy to promote responsible human management of nature.



FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council®. It is a global, non-profit certification system for producing sustainable timber and paper. Companies and consumers who choose FSC-certified packaging help to:

  • Safeguard nature in the forests.
  • Give foresters proper working conditions: wages, education and safety equipment.
  • Ensure that the packaging does not originate from illegal logging.
  • Ensure new trees are planted when existing trees are cut down.