Sustainable Practices for a Better Future

At Funnivation, we understand that our actions today will shape the world of tomorrow. We strive to incorporate sustainability into every facet of our operations, ensuring our solutions benefit not only you but also the environment. Our journey towards a sustainable future has led us to replace all electronic equipment with energy-efficient alternatives and optimize our product flow. We’ve invested in eco-friendly vehicles and developed a comprehensive plan for responsible handling of raw materials, paper, and waste. When you choose Funnivation, you’re choosing a partner that’s committed to environmental stewardship.

Your Choice Makes a Difference

We recognize that environmental responsibility is a priority for many of our customers. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their preference for packaging and products made of FSC-certified paper and printed with water-based inks. When you partner with us, you contribute to our collective effort to make a difference for the environment. All our FSC® product groups, including paper bags, gift boxes, gift papers, silk paper, corrugated cardboard, and rolls, are available in FSC 100%, FSC Mix, and FSC Recycled options.

FSC™ – A Commitment to Sustainable Forestry

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a globally recognized, non-profit certification system that promotes sustainable timber and paper production. As an FSC-certified supplier, Funnivation can proudly add the FSC label to your products, signifying a commitment to sustainable forestry.

Choosing an FSC-certified packaging solution ensures that your products contribute to protecting vulnerable areas, planting new trees in place of those harvested, and promoting fair conditions throughout the supply chain. FSC’s mission aligns with ours, working towards ensuring that local communities benefit fairly from forestry profits and that forestry workers receive fair wages, access to safety equipment, and contractual protections. Renowned organizations like the WWF endorse the FSC’s policy, emphasizing responsible human management of nature.

Key Facts about FSC™

The FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®. As a global, non-profit certification system, it promotes the production of sustainable timber and paper. By choosing FSC-certified packaging, companies and consumers contribute to:

  • Preserving natural ecosystems in forests.
  • Providing forestry workers with fair wages, education, and safety equipment.
  • Preventing the use of illegally logged timber in packaging.
  • Ensuring new trees are planted to replace those harvested.